5 Ways to Static in Java

20 March 2014

Someone asked me the other day if I knew about all the usages of static in Java. Turns out, I didn’t know them all! Let’s review them.

1. Static methods - Methods of class can be static or non-static. Non-static methods are called instance methods because they can only be invoked on an instance of the particular class they belong to. Static methods can be called without any instance.

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Tale of Two Xiaolongbao

04 March 2014

My quest to sample the entire frozen foods section of the Chinese super market continues. I picked up two bags of Shanghai Soup Dumplings (xiaolongbao) the other day. On the left is Mini Soupy Buns by Prime Food, and on the right is Pork Mini Buns (Crab Meat Added) by Wei-Chuan. What happens next NEEDS to be shared.

Two dumplings vie for a special place in my heart...

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Frozen Pork Bun Face-Off

02 March 2014

In July of 2013, some friends and I went on a BBQ Pork Bun crawl in SF. It was great because I was able to indulge my addiction to pork buns while at the same time offering reviews of several pork bun establishments – for the public good, of course. Very recently, I have discovered the frozen foods section at a local Chinese grocery store, which stocks a ton of frozen pork buns. I grabbed every package of bun, took them home, and stuffed them in my freezer. Instead of crawling the foggy city, I crawled my freezer in search of the best pork buns in the bunch. Off we go!

The contenders enter the arena!

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Weekend Video Game Warrior

24 February 2014

I finished playing Bravely Default earlier this week. I’ll write a longer post about it but here’s the tl;dr – it’s an amazing game. Up next on my playlist includes Tales of Symphonia Chronicles, MGS 5, and Final Fantasy X HD – all still unreleased. With a “free” weekend, I took the time to check out various titles I’ve been thinking about playing. Here’s a whirlwind tour of the games I checked out this weekend as a valiant Weekend Video Game Warrior.

Weapon Shop de Omasse (3DS) - A very humorous and lighthearted twist on the JRPG genre. In this game, the Evil Lord is returning and brave adventurers are setting out to take him down. But you’re not going anywhere because you need to run a weapon shop in Starting City. You rent weapons to your patrons, which forces you to care about whether they survive their quests. You’ll spend most of your time forging weapons (rhythm game) and polishing weapons (rubbing the screen until the weapon is shiny). There is plenty of self-deprecating humor, both when you meet NPCs and heroes who visit your shop and via the Twitter-esque live feed called the Grindcast. I’m very glad Level 5 finally got around to releasing the last piece of the Guild01 series in the US because its a fun, quirky, and addictive experience.

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Let's Not Talk About How Awesome PS Plus Is

16 February 2014

PS Plus Logo

I recently read a head-to-head review of the Xbox One and PS4 in the Personal Tech section of the NY Times.1 The review pegs the PS4 as the better of the two consoles, but questions if powerful home consoles are even relevant anymore. That flame-war-inspiring question aside, I find the most interesting thing about the review is something that has been repeatedly glossed over by a lot of people (even Sony): how awesome PlayStation Plus is.

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